the-amazing-fandom-universe: *sneaks up behind Nico and starts tickling him* No mercy!!

Nico- No mercy for you! Stop tickling me or prepare to die!

Anonymous: So Leo doesn't know it yet but I have this secret plan to use the mist to create a special room in the Hecate cabin were he will live as my husband. Just thought I'd let him know. (Also fetus can stay with you if you want but there is no way you can ever leave ever)

Leo- Well now I know. So that backfired. And if you’re going to talk about my dragon, PLEASE spell his name correctly. Otherwise things just get weird.

Anonymous: *knocks on your door* "Hello, have you accepted- *Entire body starts glowing, wings pop out my back, earth starts shaking*-me as your lord and savior.

Nico- I really don’t know how to respond to that.

Anonymous: Leo, you need to do me a favour. Okay, listen carefully, you need to marry me and fall in love with me or we're all gonna die.

Leo- That sounds rather urgent.

shayvivante: Um.. Guys...... What was Sally's reaction to the fact that percy have tats?

I read this wrong and I thought it said “to the fact that Percy has teats” and I was really confused. What do you mean I have teats. Where has this information been all my life. -Percy

Perseus Jackson you BETTER not have what this person says you do! -Sally

Sorry mom, It’s true. You gave birth to a human-cow hybrid. Next week on: I didn’t know I was part cow! -Percy

Anonymous: Hi I am a daughter of Poseidon and I am being chased by an hydra and I am hiding near NY so I don't know if you can send a satyr or something that will be cool and by the way I am laura (means victorious or triumph in Latin ) so thanks-Laura

This ask is so old that I’m afraid you’re already dead. Sorry for the inconvenience, Laura. -Percy

We’ll hold a funeral. -Annabeth

Looks like you weren’t so victorious after all… actually you know what that’s too disrespectful. I’m sorry. -Leo

Anonymous: Leo-I'm taking spanish lessons, but I'm having trouble, will you help me?

Hola amigo! You called the right guy. I know, Spanish is a vast and complicated language that you can never hope to understand except… it’s not really.

But it would be pretty hard to get everything on one post, so I went and found some handy learning things for you!

Basic Spanish Vocabulary!

Free Spanish tutorials!

Learn Spanish online!

There ya go! Your question was really vague, so if you need help with something more specific, don’t hesitate to ask. -Leo

Anonymous: Juniper can you tell me what you love most about Grover and Grover can you tell me what you love most about Juniper? Same for Percy&Annabeth, Clarisse&Chris. Please? I love you all.

Oh, that’s a difficult question! Grover is just amazing. I’d have to say it’s his huge… heart! He’s a sweetheart. -Jupiter

She’s pretty. I-I mean that’s not my favorite thing about her, I don’t just care about looks! It’s just there are so many good things about her and it would be impossible to really choose. -Grover

Have you met Annabeth? How can you not like her? She’s completely brilliant. -Percy

Well… I know Percy has good intentions. He’s loyal. He never gives up on his friends. -Annabeth

She pretends to be all tough, but really she’s nice. I can’t really pick one thing. All I know is that I wouldn’t be here without here. -Chris

He doesn’t make me want to punch him in the face when he starts talking. -Clarisse.



This blog will most likely not be spoiler free, so, read the book. Also, I won’t be on the blog until I finish the book, so expect about a three hour period of silence once the book is released and then give me a day to recover. Or I could live blog reading the book. Idk. Would anyone dig that? Let me know.

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