Anonymous: *whispers* Mod is a babe

Mod two- *whispers* thank you anon
Anonymous: Yes yes yes post selfies!! Please!!!

Mod two- Okay. My face will be posted momentarily.

Anonymous: Will the mods ever post selfies?

Mod two- Do you want us to? I think Lea (mod one) might have already, but if you want me to I’ll post one of myself.

Anonymous: So, Nico di Angelo. Still haven't admitted your feelings for the Son of Poseidon? I would have thought the King of Ghosts did not fear 'love'. -A son of Cupid

Nico- I’m done with you. You’re just an asshole, go bother someone else.

Anonymous: You say the gods are the good guys in all this Greek crap and yet I found the king of the gods trying to kill an innocent 7 year old, you might want to pay more attention to your crap parents.- Dean Winchester

Percy- Eh, I mean they’re better than the giants and the Titans.

Jason- Dad! What the Hades!? Sorry Dean. They’re kind of omnipotent, which makes them hard to keep track of.

Anonymous: Lucy doesn't run Hell any more darling, I do. And if you willing to come out and talk about this internship you need to find a crossroads. See you soon. XOXO Crowley

Jason- Nico! Come with me to the crossroad!

Nico- It’d better be a paid internship. Jason and I both know enough Latin to exorcise demons.

Anonymous: Jason, you want percio to happen? Put a photo ID, some cat/chicken bones, and some suffer into a box, bury it at a crossroads, and then we can make a deal. ;)

Jason- NICO! I NEED SOME BONES! Don’t look at me that way dude.


Nico- Eh, blonds aren’t really my type.

Jason- I’m hurt!

Nico- Oh my gods Grace. Just shut up.

Percy- Why does Annabeth get to be in two ships?

Leo- Percy stop whining. What about me and Calypso? Does that have a couple name?

Percy- I’m pretty sure that it’s Caleo.

Leo- What about Caleo?

Anonymous: To YE Old Dirt Face, We were here first! Any one gets to end the world it's us. With cuddles, Lucifer PS: I ever get out and you "Demi-Gods are next on my list, after the winchesters.

Percy- That’s totally not necessary. We’re good. We’ve already got Hades to deal with and-

Nico- Dude, that’s my dad you’re talking about. Hey, Lucifer, do you have any summer internships or something? I have a lot of experience. My dad’s literally the god of the underworld.

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