minibatman5911: Jason- why do you hate wonder bread so much?

It’s… a long story. Also it’s disgusting. I mean, have you ever eaten it? Nasty. -Jason

He’s upset because long ago the four grain groups lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Wonder Bread attacked. -Percy

No, No, I heard it was because when he was little a giant piece of Wonder Bread was delivered to their door and his mother fell in love with it, and she went insane when she brought it to the beach and seagulls ate it. -Piper

Really? I was told it’s because he went to the bath house in Camp Jupiter and some guys stole his clothes, and he only had a slice of Wonder Bread to cover up with, but when he got back to his cabin he forgot he used it and ate the bread. -Leo

Anonymous: I ship Leo and Nico. Son, you need to get him before somebody else does! Take it from me. -Hephaestus.

Dad, I think you’re the last person I’m going to take relationship advice from. Not only is your wife cheating on you, but you also don’t like organic lifeforms. -Leo

This man has good advice, Leo. Listen to him. -Percy

Anonymous: Hey Jason! How's the brick doing?


It’s doing good! It’s found some new faces to smash, but it says that mine is still the most pleasurable to destroy -Jason

That sounds so wrong in any context -Leo

Don’t you talk about my brick that way, Leo -Jason

I think The internet is making Jason go insane, -Percy

Anonymous: House at Hogwarts? Seven plus Nico.

I got Gryffindor. -Percy

Ravenclaw. Somehow I saw this coming. -Annabeth

Gryffindor. Thank the gods. -Jason

Hufflepuff. Wasn’t expecting that. -Piper

Also Hufflepuff. Sweet! -Hazel

I’m in Hufflepuff too. At least I’m with some of my friends. -Frank

Slytherin. Hopefully I’ll be with Nico! -Leo

Slytherin. That was predicable. -Nico

The demigods used this quiz for their results.

Anonymous: i just learned im a demigod and im the daughter of zeus how should i react?

Step one: Cry.

Step Two: Get to camp as fast as you can.

Step There: Try not to die. You might get turned into a tree. -Thalia

Actually, first you should get to camp. Then test out your sweet new powers. -Jason

Step one: Build a tent. -Percy

Anonymous: Why the Romans and Greeks gotta be all mad at each other and stuff. Like, why can't y'all be friends.


That’s why. That is exactly the reason why. -Percy

Anonymous: Dude I just want a pregnant Annabeth like after Tartarus she finds out idk I just want pregnant annabeth

Annabeth never really thought about having children. Sure, it sounded nice, but she always figured she’d die before she ever had a chance to have any. That’s one of the many habits in demigods: they die young.

Which is why being pregnant came as a shock to her. She couldn’t possibly raise a child, not with monsters chasing after her every five minutes, not to mention the huge war that was going on. She’d have to give up redesigning Olympus. She didn’t even know if Percy wanted kids- oh gods, she’d have to tell Percy.

She shakily walked down to Percy’s room, took a deep breath and knocked.

"Come in!" Percy yelled, his face brightening when he saw who it was. "Hey, I was thinking. How come they don’t have pizza that- hey, are you okay?"

Annabeth wasted no time getting to the point. “Percy, I-I’m pregnant.”

Percy looked like he had been slapped in the face. He stood silently for a few minutes, then broke into a grin. “Let’s name him Percy Jr.”

Annabeth stared at him incredulously. “Are you serious?”

"Or if it’s a girl, we’ll call her Percette." He said, running all the possible versions of his name through his head.

"Percy!" Annabeth said in disbelief.

"No, No. We can’t call it that, that’s my name!"

Send me your demigod AU’s/Headcanons/prompts and I’ll write something based on it!

princessofhufflepuff: Percabeth high school au.

It was an accident. At least, That’s what Percy told himself. He had known that punching that bully, Clarisse La Whatever-Her-Name-Was was a bad idea, but he couldn’t stand the thought of her getting away with stealing from that other kid- the one who walked funny and had more facial hair that most boys his age.

What Percy didn’t know was that Clarisse had friends. Big, strong, scary friends who were interested in beating him to a pulp. They had caught him off guard when he was at the docks, staring into the murky water. Percy knew he was screwed when a sizable crowd gathered around them and starting chanting for Clarisse to throw Percy in. It seemed like everyone either liked Clarisse or was terrified of her, which was why Percy had been more than surprised when a pretty girl with blonde hair stepped forward just as they dunked Percy’s head underwater.

He missed a lot of what the girl said- most likely do to him being partly submerged in water- but soon enough he was being hauled back up and Clarisse and her gang were muttering apologies and walking away.

Percy stared at the girl in amazement. “Who are you?” He asked.

"The name’s Annabeth." She looked at him in the same way he had looked at the moldy sandwich he found in his locker- disgusted, but with a kind of weird interest. "Better be careful, Seaweed brain. It’s tough out there in the real world," She winked, brushing the seaweed off his head and sauntered away. Percy stared after her, completely amazed and more than a little confused.

He didn’t know it at the time, but this was the first of many meetings he’d have with Annabeth.

Send me your demigod AU’s/Headcanons/prompts and I’ll write something based on it!

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