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Anonymous asked:

i bought you all hats

Hats? I like hats. Hats are cool. However, bow ties are better. -Frank

Frank, no! You were the only one unaffected by the fandoms! -Percy

Oh gods, I’m starting to regret making this account. Also, thanks for the hats! -Piper

Hello. This is Mod Two, here with a special announcement. Remember that ask a lot earlier where Octavian was thrown in a build-a-bear workshop fluff machine? I don’t either! But, I’ll tag it as what if? so I can find it once more! Anways, i have come up the idea to make a what if series where Octavian is thrown in and sees what could’ve been for our pleasure! Send us a what if question and I might make a post about it!


Anonymous asked:

THIS IS "______"fill in the blank

Sparta? -Percy

Real. -Frank

Confusing! -Hazel


the son of Jupiter! I’m a child of Rome, consul to demigods, praetor of the First Legion. I slew the Trojan sea monster, I toppled the black throne of Kronos and and destroyed the Titan Krios with my own hands. And now I’m going to destroy you, Porphyrion, and feed you to your own wolves. -Jason


Anonymous asked:

*whispers to frank*do it for the vine

*Whispers back* Do what for the vine? -Frank

Vines are certainly more popular these days! It’s just a plant, after all. -Hazel

Oh gods, don’t start this. When the kids back at camp found out about Vine they decided it would be a good idea to enchant vines to strangle people. -Annabeth


Anonymous asked:

We all know that Nico's starting to have a "thing" for Jason. They are just the cutest couple. I think I speak for all of us when I say that Jasico has ruined us. -Every sane person in the fandom

Nah. Why must you find gay where there is no gay? -Percy

Percy, you’re certainly one to talk! -Annabeth

Whoa, that’s new. I might have to look into that one. -Piper

Erm, ever heard of a bromance? -Frank

maskwearer asked:

heyyy y'all i have some blue food for percy, some spider repellent for annabeth, a cool miniature robot for leo, a surprise for hazel and frank, a magic weather vein for Jason and a cool hand made club (like a baseball bat) for the coach. and don't worry I'm not a monster I'm a daughter of athena. I would love it if i could come drop of the presents? i'll head to camp after i promise. Luv - lillianna, daughter of athena


Oh seaweed brain, sometimes I don’t even think you have a brain at all. - Annabeth

Wait… is this… mistletoe?- Frank (whom is blushing furiously)

Uh…. hee hee….. I guess we’re under it so…. *smooch* - Hazel (also blushing furiously)



Anonymous asked:

Funniest quote you can think of right now

Cappuccino! -Percy

"Too much damned TV. Thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes." "That’s professor Moriarty" "Holmes, Moriarty, they both look the same with the flesh scorched off their skulls." -Annabeth

You guys do know that not everything has to be from Artemis Fowl books, right? Oh, also that wasn’t my quote. -Frank

“The surprise is on the far side.”
"You’re sure?"
"It better not be another fairy," Seth said.
"What’s the matter with fairies?"
"I’ve already seen about a billion of them and also they turned me into a walrus.” -Jason

cocobeanlove asked:

Hey Frank when you get really made at someone do you curse in Chinese at them? Or do you turn into something (like a tiger) and chase after them?

Well.. no not really. Not that long ago I would’ve just looked silly. -Frank

Liar! I used google translate the last time I heard you say something in Chinese and you called me a soup! -Leo

That is definitely not what I said. -Frank


Anonymous asked:

Does anyone on the Argo 2 watch sherlock?if so what's your opinion on Moriarty?

He’s brilliant. I’ve read the books too, and he is absolutely brilliant. Like a true child of Athena. Of course, there’s the fact that he’s a criminal but.. every rose has it’s thorns. -Annabeth

He’s a huge jerk. A mega jerk. He made Sherlock have to pretend to die. JOHN WAS SO SAD AND SO WAS I. -Percy

He talks slower than Sherlock. -Leo

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