Thanks to someone who graciously left us the Harry Potter movies, the demigods have decided to have another movie night (Just like the title suggested)

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Anonymous: Nico, are you bi? I mean I want to know if there's a chance for me (though we are secretly married that you don't even know). And if not. It's okay, I always preferred leico anyway. (But you are one perfect motherfucker and I fell in love with you but leico all the way)

I don’t really know. A… friend told me that it’s okay not to know. And I realized he was right. I have a long time to figure all this stuff out; it doesn’t need to be decided right away. And one day I’ll know, and whatever the answer is, it’ll be okay. -Nico

Anonymous: Nico, how many dildos do ya own :----)

What? I don’t… I don’t like this question. Next. -Nico

17. He has 17. -Coach hedge

He does. I’ve been in his room. I’ve seen them. I’ve u… Don’t try and lie about this, Nico. -Leo

And the consensus says he owns seventeen dildos! Wow Nico, why so many? CNN investegates at nine. -Percy


phangirl-fenton: Sooooo who has a bigger butt. Leo or Nico.I think its leo ;) I'm sure it's leo. He's Hispanic XD

Excuse you, Miss Ti double g rrrrrre that spells Erin, I’m not sure if you missed the memo but the Agro II is COMPLETELY 100% rated PG. NO BUTTS ALLOWED. PERIOD. -Coach Hedge

I agree with you. For the purpose of getting an answer to this ask, I spent thirty minutes each staring at their butts. It’s definitely Leo. -Jason

That… That explains a lot, actually. I was wondering why you were doing that. -Leo

minibatman5911: Jason- why do you hate wonder bread so much?

It’s… a long story. Also it’s disgusting. I mean, have you ever eaten it? Nasty. -Jason

He’s upset because long ago the four grain groups lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Wonder Bread attacked. -Percy

No, No, I heard it was because when he was little a giant piece of Wonder Bread was delivered to their door and his mother fell in love with it, and she went insane when she brought it to the beach and seagulls ate it. -Piper

Really? I was told it’s because he went to the bath house in Camp Jupiter and some guys stole his clothes, and he only had a slice of Wonder Bread to cover up with, but when he got back to his cabin he forgot he used it and ate the bread. -Leo

Anonymous: I ship Leo and Nico. Son, you need to get him before somebody else does! Take it from me. -Hephaestus.

Dad, I think you’re the last person I’m going to take relationship advice from. Not only is your wife cheating on you, but you also don’t like organic lifeforms. -Leo

This man has good advice, Leo. Listen to him. -Percy

Anonymous: Hey Jason! How's the brick doing?


It’s doing good! It’s found some new faces to smash, but it says that mine is still the most pleasurable to destroy -Jason

That sounds so wrong in any context -Leo

Don’t you talk about my brick that way, Leo -Jason

I think The internet is making Jason go insane, -Percy

Anonymous: House at Hogwarts? Seven plus Nico.

I got Gryffindor. -Percy

Ravenclaw. Somehow I saw this coming. -Annabeth

Gryffindor. Thank the gods. -Jason

Hufflepuff. Wasn’t expecting that. -Piper

Also Hufflepuff. Sweet! -Hazel

I’m in Hufflepuff too. At least I’m with some of my friends. -Frank

Slytherin. Hopefully I’ll be with Nico! -Leo

Slytherin. That was predicable. -Nico

The demigods used this quiz for their results.

Anonymous: i just learned im a demigod and im the daughter of zeus how should i react?

Step one: Cry.

Step Two: Get to camp as fast as you can.

Step There: Try not to die. You might get turned into a tree. -Thalia

Actually, first you should get to camp. Then test out your sweet new powers. -Jason

Step one: Build a tent. -Percy

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