Anonymous: I so know the answer to this but: favorite superhero ?

Jason- Superman

Piper- Wonderwoman

Percy- Aquaman

Annabeth- Black Widow

Frank- Beast Boy

Hazel- Captain Marvel

Leo- Hawkeye

Nico- Ironman

pickinguprosess: Will Solace, Get your shit together and ask out Nico on a date,PLEASE!

Will- Nico Di Angelo, will you watch the new episode of Doctor Who with me tonight? (That’s a date, right?)



Anonymous: Nico is a dork pass it on

I wholeheartedly agree with that sentence. He’s a dork, but he’s my dork. -Will

Anonymous: Why do people love Jason more than Percy? Percy is obviously the hottest and the best guy out of the 7

Percy- This anon is definitely right.

Jason- I’d say that you’re the one who sent this on if I didn’t know better.

Percy- Wow Jason, that hurt. Not everyone thinks that you’re the best you know.

Anonymous: Nico : All Time Low or Fall Out Boy ?

Nico- Definitely Fall Out Boy

Anonymous: Would it be okay if you didn't answer questions about blood of Olympus because not everyone's read the book yet. Sincerely, I just got 2 spoilers.

I’ll try and not post anything about the Blood Of Olympus for a while, but I can’t say the same for mod two. However, we’ll be tagging everything that mentions BoO as blood of olympus, so all you have to do is blacklist that tag. -Mod one

ALSO! If you don’t have a copy of it yet,  here is a link to the book.

Anonymous: Mr. D, the Hypnos cabin is not waking up. Please help. I've been asking questions but


-Mr. D

But… Mr. D, that kinda is your division. -Percy

-Mr. D

percyisperfect: My best friends loves jason

Who doesn’t love Jason? He’s hot. -Percy

Percy can you at least try to be heterosexual while you’re girlfriend is standing right next to you? -Nico

Nico can you at least try not to be an emo dork all the time? -Percy

I’m not emo, I’m punk rock. -Nico

Anonymous: Omg my OTP is Malbeth!! (Malcolm x Annabeth). They obviously care about each other asdfghjkl the feels

We care about each other because we’re siblings. Excuse me while I go throw up. -Annabeth

You know what. I have dealt with a lot of weird ships here, and I’ve put up with them. I even kind of started shipping Apollo and myself. But this… this is too far. Percy out. -Percy

My first day on tumblr and I find out someone is shipping me with my half-sister. Great first impression. -Malcolm

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